2017, That's a Wrap!

As customary, I like to reflect on the past year! I do this for a few reasons. One, it reminds me of all of the great customers I've had over the past year. Two it reminds me of all of the cool things I've been fortunate enough to be a part of through my photography work. And three it reminds me that my photography has came a long way but I can always improve! To each and everyone one of used DC Photowerx in 2017, to preserve your memories, Thank You! To everyone that looked at my website, but chose another photographer, Thank You for considering DC Photowerx! If you're contemplating any type of photography project in 2018 don't hesitate to click on that Contact option above. Cheers to all for a great 2017 and an even better 2018!  

Duane Clawson

DC Photowerx