Pavlo at the Lee Theater @ Touhill Performing Arts Center, St. Louis

Yes folks, I do read your emails and comments submitted through the website. Regina requested some more pics from Pavlo's most excellent show last month in St. Louis.  Regina thank you so much for your request, and taking time out to visit my website!


A Trip to the St.Louis Zoo

I recently aquired a new Tamron 70-200mm lens for my camera. I said to myself, there is no better place than the St.Louis Zoo to try out a new lens. So an hour and a half after delivery, I'm at the zoo getting some awesome shots. And as luck would have it the animals were hamming it up! As an added bonus I got a few shots of Ziggy. Ziggy is the zoo's newest addition, a Colobus monkey, aptly named as he was born on Janury 10th, the day of David Bowie's passing.