Models! Occasionally I Shoot Models!

From time to time I get to photograph models. Here are few of the models I’ve shot over the past few months! A big thanks to Creve Coeur Camera for providing the models and shooting locations! The models seen below are, Nikki Serenity , Kelly Barr Hughes , Mary Poll , Caterina Clayton , and Di Bryant . You can find out more about each model by clicking on their name. If you model and would like to collaborate on a project, drop me a line at,

New Session Hours for Fall and Winter 2018

Alright past, present, and future DC Photowerx clients, I finally have a set schedule we can work around! Beginning Sept. 29th I will be available for early morning sessions, 8-10 AM or afternoon sessions, 4-6 PM. If you've been waiting to book your session, wait no more, as I'm sure these time slots will fill up fast! You can book your session through the contact tab on this page or email me directly . To everyone, THANK YOU for your, patience and continued support of DC Photowerx!

Independence Day 2018 St. Charles City Fireworks

The past couple of years I've taken my fireworks photography a bit more seriously. This year I found a spot right on the banks of the Missouri River. Battling bugs, 1000 % humidity, and intoxicated patriots, I managed to get some pretty decent shots! Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th! Enjoy!

Our Annual Birthday Photoshoot with Emma

Every year Emma's mom requests my services to document another year in her daughter's life. To be truthful they are flying by! This is the 5th year I've had the honor of photographing Emma's progression through life. 

2017, That's a Wrap!

As customary, I like to reflect on the past year! I do this for a few reasons. One, it reminds me of all of the great customers I've had over the past year. Two it reminds me of all of the cool things I've been fortunate enough to be a part of through my photography work. And three it reminds me that my photography has came a long way but I can always improve! To each and everyone one of used DC Photowerx in 2017, to preserve your memories, Thank You! To everyone that looked at my website, but chose another photographer, Thank You for considering DC Photowerx! If you're contemplating any type of photography project in 2018 don't hesitate to click on that Contact option above. Cheers to all for a great 2017 and an even better 2018!  

Duane Clawson

DC Photowerx




Since we last spoke...............

A few days ago, at an instructional photography class, the instructor told those in attendance to find one subject, photograph only that subject, and photograph it well. I do not subscribe to this logic. I think as a photographer I should be well rounded and challenge myself every time I pick up the camera. By doing this I'm prepared for anything you can dream up. That's why in my portfolio you will find photos of, motorcycle racing, newborns, weddings, corporate events, family portraits, and landscapes. If you like what you're seeing, do not hesitate to click on contact tab. This is the first step to documenting what is going on in your world. As always thanks for dropping by and supporting my work!  "People like you, make life nice for people like me"  -  McGuffey Lane 

Take a Look Around

I'm finally getting around to some updates here on the DC Photowerx page. Be sure to take a look at my recently added, real estate photos. If you're an agent, and like what you see, be sure to get in touch through the on site contact page. Also updated are family portraits. You can find those under the People tab. As always there are some updates to the concert photography section. And last but not least I've added an events tab, yes I do those too! I can never thank my clients enough for their referrals and continually putting their trust in, DC Photowerx! Thanks for stopping by and catching up.  

Pavlo at the Lee Theater @ Touhill Performing Arts Center, St. Louis

Yes folks, I do read your emails and comments submitted through the website. Regina requested some more pics from Pavlo's most excellent show last month in St. Louis.  Regina thank you so much for your request, and taking time out to visit my website!


St. Louis Auto Show 2017

I personally have always had a fascination with automobiles, the shininess of the new models or the beautifully crafted detail of cars from the 60's and 70's. The new auto show at America's Center in St. Louis had a good mix of both. This year's installment of the St. Louis Auto Show also included a Drifting demonstration by World Champion Drifter, Vaughn Gittin Jr. All of the major players in the automotive industry had their best on display, as well as displays put on by, Gateway Motorsports Park, complete with a large indoor go-kart track. 

2017 New Year Promotion

Happy New Year and best wishes to you all for a healthy and prosperous 2017! I am excited to offer a promotional deal to jumpstart your new year. Besides all the sessions I have been honored to do, I would like to expand my portfolio to include more seniors and couples shoots. For every two referrals that are booked and paid for, you will receive one free mini session. A mini session consists of, 30 minutes of photography, one location, up to four participants, 10 digitally edited images, and a photo release. This promotion will end March 1st but your free mini session can be scheduled for anytime in 2017. As always, thank you for considering DC Photowerx for your photography needs! 

2016, Best Of

2016 was a year that saw the loss of many entertainment icons. These losses reminded me of how precious photographs were, as many of these stars, when they passed, were remembered by an iconic photograph that was taken of them. 2016 did put my camera and lenses in front of a few music icons but the real stars, that I photograph, are everyday human beings just like you! Being able capture a marathon runner crossing the finish line, and breaking down in tears, in the embrace of his wife and children, are iconic moments to me. Photographing a baby in his first month of life, are moments no one will take away from the family or myself. Making family portraits for a father, to take with him, before he deploys to preserve our freedoms, a few days before Christmas, priceless! Thank you to those families, rock stars, and athletes, that allowed me to capture and preserve their iconic moments, that will be remembered for a lifetime! Here's to wishing you and yours the best of 2017!

I Don't Often Shoot Babies, but When I Do........................

Like the caption says, I don't often shoot babies, but when I do, I turn my dining room into a studio. Paying up a long overdue debt, Victoria brought 1 month old Christopher Storm over to the house, for his first photoshoot. The pleasure was all mine, and the experience was invaluable!  

Let's Go Racing!

Anyone that knows me well, knows I like racing! The fall of 2016 put me in front of NHRA Top Fuel dragsters, hitting speeds in excess of 325 mph, and AMA Flat Track motorcycles whizzing by me at 100 mph (and that was slowing down for the corners). A big thanks to those that made it possible for me to get up close and personal with my need for speed!

The NHRA @ Gateway Motorsports Park, Madison Illinois

The NHRA continued.

The Springfield Mile 2016